Missle Launch Animation


Hey guys,
I was wondering if it would be possible to have an animation like an burst of exhaust or cloads when you launch a rocket? Sort of like when you fire a rocket launcher, im talking about the blast that shoots out of the back of the launcher. Is it possible to have an animation like that?

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Well, if you mean the initial blast smoke instead of the trailing, it's probably possible to do it, if you know how to do submunition. It sounds similar to what I wanted to do when I wanted to create the Emalgha machine gun, the fire flash that would shoot out only on that weapon.

Ah....thanks! So if i make an invisble submunition and have it have a negative speed, i will get the feedback blast. Except i dont know how to do that resource thing or how to make a smoke trail. <_< Can somone explain how i can make a smoke trail to me plz?

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Or, you can use weapon frame in the sprites. The only bad thing is, for a weapon that shoots one at at a time, it shows the weapon frame in a 1 frame flash.

Hmm that way would only work as a submunition, but even then it might be alittle tough. Does anyone know how to make the smoke trail and how you set one?

I'd just use a boom. Have the initial weapon instantly detonate with the desired blast and sub into the real weapon.

I was going to suggest that, but Guy got here before I did!

I think i found this out before, but i cant remember it. So the boom ID is what is entered into the explosion type? Or is it the boom ID - 128 or something. Cuase ive been entering spins as my explosion type, thats probably why they arent working.
Well, atleast i can see why i keep getting confused. The weap graphic is a spin, but the weap explode is a boom. Got it!

Yup, the Explosion field in the weap resource refers to the Boom resource. Not the spin resource.

So the xplode type is boom ID - 128, right?

Yes. If you wanted to refer the Explosion field to Boom resource 130, you'd type in 2. If you wanted to use Boom resource 128, you'd type in 0.