free models

Is there anyone that would be interested in some free models to texture?
I can make the models but am unable (to impatient) to texture them, if anyone want them I can email them to you in just about any format you want, feel free to use texture/use/modify them in anyway you see fit, and if you dont like them, go easy, i have enough trouble dealing with iraqis

Attached File infiltrator.jpg (9.96K)
Number of downloads: 19 Attached File runner.jpg (10.3K)
Number of downloads: 17 Attached File gat_100x100.jpg (10.61K)
Number of downloads: 17 Attached File armored_attack.jpg (11K)
Number of downloads: 56Attached File missile.jpg (10.36K)
Number of downloads: 17 Attached File gatwing.jpg (10.22K)
Number of downloads: 15

I would like the first and second one, May I use them in one of my plug-ins? As for the format, .Wings will do fine. My e-mail is Mavericfso@yahoo.com.

If you have 3ds max format which is .3ds or .max either will work. As for which all the ships. 😄
Anyone here have the strata 3d tryout for any versions. I deleted my old one(bad idea) and no i cant ownload the new one becuase theyre still uploading it. <_<
Oh yeah...my email is:peiceofcruds@yahoo.com
Thanks 🙂

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I have yet to receve the files. Have they been sent yet?

Iraqis? There's a story here 🙂

I like the looks of the first and last model. You should do more.

Ill take the third please, if theyre still up for grabs. 3ds max format, .3ds or .max if you can. dark_dirtypanda@hotmail.com

I'm not sure OBLe is still paying attn to this forum 😞 I will give him a few more days before I e-mail him, asking if he would send out the files to those of us that wish to have them.

i dont think he has sent em yet...

Thank for the wait, sorry I havent got around to sending them, my unit is getting ready to redeploy back to the states, lots of 18hour days and not much time for anything else. I'll get started as soon as Im done typing. You can use them for whaatever you like, just give me a little credit for the model.

Quite alright. Personel life is always important. Thanks for letting us use the models!

its alright, we just didnt know what had happened to ya, becuase u sort of dissapered from the board. :laugh:
But thanks for the models, hopefully 3ds max still works correctly....

BTW: Does anyone have a strata 3d installer they can send me? Becuase i cant download one form the website and i deleted my old one.

This is pecular. I downloaded the attachments, and, for whatever reason, all the models are inside out. :huh: I will see if there is anything I can do on this end. Will edit this post to let you know.

(Update): Evidentaly, there is nothing I can do. Unless some one who is more experienced with wings can tell me if there is a way to invert things.

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lol, muist be the format...cuase mine came out just fine, other than my ed editor not cooperating <_< , so i just gave up...for now.

WonderBoy, I'll go back and reverse normals in gmax and export them, dont know if it will work, but its worth a shot

the files came out great for me, and for osme weird reason, they are all smooth, compared to the geometric looking screenshots up above. :laugh:

The screenshots are from inside gmax and arent rendered, when I open the same files in ac3d or blender they look smooth too

Excelent. They are perfect now. Thanks a bunch!

Ah, kewl 🙂