creating sprites with 3ds max

help plz

Hey guys,
im using 3ds max and i cant figure out how to render it into a sprite. Anyone know how. I specifically neeed help with where to place my camera. Also, how woul i set up my animation, and what would i do if i wanted my ship to have banking animation?
Thanks for all help in advance 😄

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I also have a question for sprite making, but mine is for Wings 3D. Is there a way to set the camera to a specific angle? Also, is there a better way to merge two polygons than using the bridge function, I recal there being one but I am unsure where it is now. or shuld I try some other program, ie make the model in wings then export it to a different format?

you might be able to just use the top view, unless you using banking. And as for the connecting, try and see if there is a bolean function. That would do the trick. Although i know nothing of wings 3d.

Looks like im going to have to make a non-banking ship unless someone knows how to make a banking ship. If they can tell me how, i shoudl be able to translate it into 3ds max terms. 😄