Need Help Texturing

I've searched a while and haven't come up with anything useful to my case. I'm a PC user with Wings 3D and Blender. I need to know how to texture my ships that I've created. I tried somethings in Blender but the have turned out horrible. Could someone give me a non broken link to a tutorial.

You'd probably find something worth your while in Just Graphics. I don't have any links at the moment, but know that Wings is utterly useless for anything but modelling.

I don't know how invested you are in Blender, but I might recommend that you at least look at a pair of applications - DOGA and Metaseqoia (PC only unfortunately) for your modeling and rendering needs. They were developed with gamers in mind and Tod Zircher has an excellent introduction and set of tutorials here:

NOTE: these applications are shareware, but are free for the functions you want (the only thing that costs is turning on animation).

Here are some examples of what can be done with DOGA:

Also - DOGA should be able to read your Blender models just fine, so you won't lose any work. I gave up on Blender once I discovered these.

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