They do not hit anything...

Hey, My sister just downloaded ResEdit and has been messing around with some of the weapons and such in the nova data 4 file. One of the weapons she has tampered with is the Stellar Grenade, you see it now fires about 50 Raven Rockets in a 360° arc around it when it detonates. This is all very cool but as it states in my topic descripton they dont hit anything. Except asteroids. Making it quite pointless to have. How do i get them to hit the ships in range too?

Check the prox safety and the prox radius. If the prox safety is too large, the weapon will expire before it arms itself. And the prox radius won't detonate the weapon unless the ship is within the specified range.

I just checked that but thats all about the detonation of the Stellar Grenade. Its detonating just fine, and shooting the Raven Rockets just fine too, its just that when the Ravens come out they just pass right over the ships instead of barrelling into them.

Is the SubType set to the Raven Turret or the Raven Rocket? It works fine for me with the latter, but the turreted version might not actually hit a ship unless it's targeted.

By the way, what's really cool is if you set the submunitions to a guided weapon and target a ship. Awesome effect. 🙂

Hah yes thank you, that works now. She used the turret.

I will try that next it sounds cool.

thanks again. 😄

No problem.