Simulate wobbly missiles

If you set up a chain of submunitions for a missile with alternating subs having positive and negative turn rates, you can simulate a missile that will track for a moment, then veer of momentairly before tracking again.

adjust timing and rates to taset. It can be spastic for a second before it settles out, or have it curve and turn, taking it's sweet ol' time getting to the target.

I suppose you could also make a missile that only turns every few seconds by having the alternate subs at turn rate 0.

With the right timing, you could probably even have missile make a tight, furious, cartoon-like circle before spining off towards the target.


Sorta, you would have to waste a lot of weap resources. I had done a lot of thinking about this (specifically to simulate the missiles in FF8 when they attack the garden, suddenly veering away, then back towards).

The problem is if you have A sub to B then back to A, it crashes the game (as it tries to calculate the maximum range of each weapon while loading). So you have to make an arbitrarily long chain. Prohibitively expensive.

Could be useful for the rare special effect, though, especially if it stops its distinct action after a time.

A similar technique can be used to create animated directional projectiles, or imitate directional explosions.

An alternate technique would be subbing to the same shot (with maximum sub depth, or whatever it's called, I've forgotten) with some inaccuracy. It won't be as smooth an effect, but it won't eat up wëap resources.

Good work all the same, Desprez, I didn't know negative turn rates worked. 😄

/stifled whimpering: but we already knew about negative turn rates on guided missiles. And he didnt actually suggest anything that worked.

Im just embarrased he came up with that changing stats in flight bit. That was brilliant. How long have you been hanging in the shadows?

Not very long. A few weeks?

I guess I registered way back when I was doing a TC for Override. Though I don't rember what I posted about.

I would work on it a bit here and there, and then Nova came out, and destroyed everything.

See, so much of the Nova default scenario resembled my own, that converting it over would have looked like I didn't have a single original idea!
I was flabberghasted. Faction flavor/personalities and even prefered tech and weapons were similar. Even some of the graphics and logos were strikingly similar. Although Nova had better graphics and graphic capabilities, mine were MUCH better than EVO.

I ended up just shoving it all aside and letting it collect dust.

Well, I've just recently come back to tinker with things. Of course the upshot is that I have a bunch of unused graphics. Not all are really visually compatible with EVN - the ships are all rendered from top down, for instance. And I'd only classify them as "ok" now, as Nova raised the bar from Override.