Help on idea


A weapon that damages your ship when you fire it. I know that it is possible to get a weapon to destroy your ship when you fire it, but I what I am trying to do is get a outfit/weapon that slightly damages the armour of your ship per round of ammo that it fires. any ideas...

How about making the original weapon have the "flak" behaviour turned on ($8000 in the first flag field), a very short delay before dying (1 frame?) and a blast radius, and making it submunition into another weapon (the one that attacks enemies)?

That way, your ship is damaged by the original weapon, and enemies are damaged by the submunition.

Thats a great idea! It works wonderfully 😄

just out of curiousity, is a weapon that ionises your ship when you fire it possible?

I wanted one of these... and it seems there are some bugs as to how ionization works. Something like only the ship in the blast radius with the lowest id in the system gets ionised. If its set to hit the player, will this always be the player? (since the player is (almost*) always on top of everying)

*Has anyone figured out when the player isnt? I hear it has something to do with pers being created first sometimes.