ship creation

need help

i am new to plug-in creation, and i want to be able to create my own ships. what i am trying to do is create pirate versions of ships, such as the pirate abomination. is there any easy way of just changing the colors of a ship to make a new ship?

i am on a mac, and am using mission computer. i dont think that this computer has any 3-d graphics programs, in case if any of that information helps.

any help would be appreciated

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If you're looking for a simple recolored ship, like a Rebel Aurora Carrier, something like this and a bit of creativity with the selectors and levels should help.

You will want something so you can copy-and-paste RLEs, and somebody else will have to help.

Also, Pirate ships have more guns than normal ships. Maybe the Pirate Abomination isn't the job for GIMP.

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