Retribution wants YOU!

no, we're NOT in beta

What :

- Do you have talent with 3D graphics or modeling?

- Do you want to work on a Total Conversion project? How about one with a completed story?

- Would you like to be a member of a dedicated and talented team that has been working on this project continuously for almost a year and a half?

The good folks at Spectreforge/AP^3 who are developing Retribution would like to make use of your talent! We are currently looking for graphics artists to help with the work of modeling, texturing, and/or rendering starship, outfit, and cinematic graphics.

Why :

Would you like to model vessels like this?

Posted Image

or this?

Posted Image

Work with concept art (better than) this?

Posted Image

Help out with landscapes that look like these?

Posted Image

Posted Image

Maybe planets like these?

Posted Image

Posted Image

Contact :

Yes? No? Maybe? Curious? Interested? Find out more at . Or reply here. Comments and questions always appreciated :). Thank you for your time.

A little postcript to the Boards

I know you've seen this particular type of topic quite a few times over the past couple of months. I'd like to try this again, maybe hoping for a bit more success than the past couple of times (for example, an actual offer? ;D).

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I'm busy with my own projects; don't need another one. Good luck, though.


I would be more than happy to do any writing for spobs, outfits, weapons, whatever.
I only have a little skill in the actual plug-in creation and I know next to nothing about making graphics and such.
But I consider my self a pretty good writer. Especially when it comes to this sort of thing.

Thats a very coolio job indeed but i'm still going to highschool next October.

I'm going to do something related to computers so who knows what i can do later? 🙂

Im game. I can start modeling one of those ships immediately, if you are interested. I just dont want to be stepping on any toes.

If you need Terragen landscapes I am willing to help with that (although I work slowly and have Genesis too).

I can make planets like that!
And I'm curious about this. If you pick me, let me know

I am starting on the first ship, simple placeholder objects (might reach spin quality), but the big black bar across the bottom makes it a little tough.

Please, message me on AIM under the name of QistMassacre

Ive joined the forums, they look kind of dead, but ill still post a hello there. We should probably communicate more on IRC or AIM.

I'll get back to you more fully when I have some time (which would not be now, unfortunately :(). I'd like to find out more about your offer, that's for certain.

One question: what's your level of 3D expertise? (i.e. how would you describe yourself?) I'm just curious; don't really know many of the graphics artists around the forums anymore. (You can Personal Message/whatever if you want).

I'll write you some text for a couple of planets, if you like.



The black bar was an artefact of my browser, so nevermind that.

I have an image here that has about half the ship set up as placeholding triangles. This is far beneath my final quality, just a practice render so far to set everything up in the right place. Ill get you a few more angles later.

Just a question... how are the engines set up? The tiny variations in size and location are sort of confusing me. Is it like a 5 degree V shape? Or are the outer ones sort of backwards? Are the ones on the underside further back, further in, or some combination?

Also, Its hard to gague exactly how folded the ship is when i cant see the far wing. My current iteration uses sort of curved wings, so the control flaps are approximately horizontal, then the left edge of the wing is quite slanted. Ill get some more useful renders out at different angels.

And again, dont mind the clutter/not-beveledness. Ill be replacing everytihng with rounded boxes and such. And texturing everytihng.

The buildings in the middle are a little too tall, i can see that, and ill be cutting them down for next iteration.

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Martin Turner, on Jul 26 2005, 10:09 PM, said:

I'll write you some text for a couple of planets, if you like.


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I'll get back to you in a bit on that matter, if it's not too much of an inconvenience.

NebuchadnezzaR said:


We've talked on AIM, for the benefit of those interested. Good to see your work.

Maybe if time loosens up we can talk about some planets.