Disabled ship boards disabled ship

Strangest thing happened today. I had three escorts who were set to the default escort behaviour (ie not to attack enemies). So I get beat upon and disabled by this pirate dude and my escorts do nothing. The pirate comes to board me but now he is in range of my escorts' primary weapons (since they're in formation behind me). They attack him and disable him while he is sitting on top of me. I take the opportunity to push the 'B' and so I board him instead of him boarding me. I stole fuel and credits but couldn't capture him as the odds were only 8%.

Thats wierd :huh:

Heh. Excellent idea. Your ship get's disabled, but you take the ship that tries to board you and get's disabled...

That would almost work in a plug-in...

I always wondered what happened when you did that...

I almost did that once... I didn't know if it would work. So a Pirate disabled me, and he was being attacked by a Marauder while he tried to board me. Unfortunately, the Marauder missed and hit ME instead, so I blew up and the Pirate went off to fight the Marauder. I figured I was dead anyway, so I wasn't too bummed.

Isn't that like a cripple fight, or a cripple mugging?

(EDIT) A thought just came to mind. . . why is this in D.C.?

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Becasue it relates a little bit.

I usually just self destruct when I get boarded. Stick it to those pirate bastards...

That's awesome.

I remember dogfighting a very tough Valkyrie class IV ships, (pain the ass sob) the moment I just bought myself a pirate carrier, somehow we managed to disable eachother simultaneously in an empty system, I had to unfortunately self-destruct and start over because no help would ever arrive.

nfreader, on Jul 27 2005, 10:18 AM, said:

I usually just self destruct when I get boarded. Stick it to those pirate bastards...

Ditto. So much fun to blow the living crap out of that Manticore just when he boards you...:D