A few basic Nova questions

Stuff I should know but don't...

Okie, I have a few questions about Nova... now that TGC is in development again I should know this stuff. 😛

1. Is it possible to have animated planets and stations and such?

2. What is the correct size for a landing pic?

3. What is the correct size for a shipyard pic?

4. Do you like ice cream?


  1. yes

  2. Dunno

  3. Shipyard pic? The one when you hit info or the isometric one? Isometric one is 200x200. The other one, it shouldnt be too hard to figure it out. If you have an app that can figure out the size of a picture, just copy and paste it in there.

  4. Depends on the hottness of the icecream and the flavour. If none of those are equal, then no.

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The info one. I knew about the isometricness of the other.


You could figure out the images' sizes by copying them out of the datafiles and into an image editor, but if you insist on having someone tell you:

Landscapes: 612x285
Big ship view: 600x400

Mrow, thank you.. doesn't know how to do the data file copying thing... programming illiterate.


ResEdit won't handle RLEs-will it? So you can't simply copy and paste into Photoshop.

Not for copying and pasting, no. If I recall correctly, however, MC has this capability. However, I think I should point out that the info and landing pics are not RLEs, but PICTs, which ResEdit does have copy-paste support for.

4. Yes.

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I'm not sure what you mean by "handle", in "handle RLEs". With the RalphTools installed, I can copy and paste to my heart's content.

Now, I can't just grab a PICT resource and paste that into an existing RLE. To do so, I'd need Matt's tool "SpriteCompressor", or the RalphTool "BlitZen".

Dave @ ATMOS