Plugin Compatibility

What plugs should I avoid conflict with?


I've been playing Nova for awhile, and am getting ready to start a major plugin project, and was wondering what the most popular and far-reaching plugins were, so I could avoid conflicting with them. So far, I'm building it not to conflict with:

Extra Outfits
Ship Variants
Fighter Variant Fix
Paint Station Prime
Pirate Mod Starbridge

The first three are big, high quality plugins that I, personally, really like, while the last two are just nice little addons that help fill out the game.

Am I missing any big ones? Thanks!

You might also consider compatability with plug pack, version 16 ( I think that's the latest one anyway). There are those out there that seem to like it. Warning though- pp16 uses a LOT of resources and could be difficult to work around, especially if you have a large plug.