government enemies+classes

how do i do it?

i am having trouble making different gov'ts rivals and such. i created a new government with all the resources needed (fleet, govt, spob, syst, ect) it seems that my fleets dont seem to appear where they are supposed to. im a complete beginner, but i know basically how mission computer works, as i have already made a syst government change, and the fleets appear, yet they only seem to appear in the one system i made into the new government, if at all. :blink:

Stone me if im wrong, but I don't think fleets can be placed in systems by anything except missions. The syst thing says it can with a negative number but I've never had it work.

With the government thing, the four Class fields, you put a number in there, doesnt matter what number it is, this only assigns the class of the government. In the Enemy field of the enemy government, put that same number. That will make Enemy Government (G1) hate the other government (G2) and anyone else with that class number.

Hope that helped.

OK, I'll stone you. There's a setting when putting in fleets that asks what systems they appear in. If you put 10000, it appears in any Fed system, 10001, it appears in any Auroran system, and so on. It's based of 10000 and rises with the ID of the gov't. You can also put in simple systems like 128 and so on. There's more, but you have to read the Bible.