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Confused Help Please

Hi. I am currently creating (or trying to) a ship for EVN on a windows XP with EVNEW and Blender. I currently have my 36 rotation pictures but i have no idea on how o turn them into a grid and put them into EVNEW. I also have no idea what to do after theat to make the ship available for purchase etc. If you can please explain this in very beginner english as this is my first ship.

Thanks, Eragon

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Guy, on Jun 12 2005, 03:28 PM, said:

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Thank you but i have read that and that lists mac programs whick doesnt help me cause im using a windows.



If you could tell me windows programs that would be great.


Apparently you didn't read all of it, or you would have noticed my mention of EVNEW, the Escape Velocity Nova Editor for Windows. It's in the Nova Add-ons. Shouldn't be hard to find.

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He says he's using EVNEW.
Short of manually sticking them all together I wouldn't know how to create the sprite pics on a PC. But once you've got them EVNEW can import them as rleDs and then the rest of the ship creation process is the same as for the mac.

That's what I get for posting late in the evening when I'm sleep deprived...

Though perhaps somewhat tedious, see if you can render your ship as you want it to appear in the game, at the appropriate size, then use PrtScr to copy what you see, followed by pasting it into MS Paint and editing the images down to size.

I would suggest exporting some of the current rleD's from the data files to see how they've been layed out.

Edit: More on the gridded format: