gov allies enemies prob

im making a plug where united shiping and sigma are fighting but i cant make them attack each other

plz help

Let me go through the check list:

1.) Each gov't has a class number. Make the class number whatever (try making it high so you don't have Sigma accidentally attacking Feds and whatnot) and make in the enemy field the class number of the opposite gov't. (ex. Put sigma's class number in United shipping's enemy field, and vice versa.)

2.) Make sure that said class number isn't in the Ally field (or alliance?)

That's all I can think of..... Good luck!

Oh, and welcome to the boards, and try to check your spelling and grammar, while that's not important on most other boards it is here and you'll be chastised for that. Just a warning....

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To be sure you understand, classes are just arbitrary numbers used for defining govt relationships.

Be sure to check out the topics pinned to the top of the EVDC - there's loads of info there for all sorts of things. There might even be an in-depth guide to creating govts.

And just in case you haven't already, make sure you thoroughly read the EVN Bible which is found in your Documentation folder.

Oh thanks that fixed it. Oh and thanks for the spelling tip.