The Resurrection

Ok, I decided to develop a plug based around the ATMOS government, with a kinda matrix feel to it. The basics of the idea are here.

I started this last august, but due to problem after problem and the fact I started uni in september, I haven't done anything on it since about october.

I also wanted to complete the plug on my own (apart from graphics, which I was pushing to the back of my mind) but have now realised that doing that will take an extremely long time.

So this post is basically attempting to recruit a team of people to help build this plug. I will be extremely grateful to anyone wishing to help, but obviously am looking for people who are as experienced as possible.

Right now I have most of the ideas for the storyline set, and the first small starting of a plug (literally a few missions and a few outfits).

I'm hoping this will be a reasonably major plug, adding a (hopefully) relatively balanced string, quite a few ships, and new weapons, outfits, systems etc.

Basically I need people from all corners of the developing globe, so if anyone wants to help, can you state your experience here and we'll see what happens...

Thanks to all for reading this.


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What the ? Might be easier with a working link 😄

Sorry pace, copied the wrong page's link (obviously)

Fixed now!

I hate mission bits.... if i wasn't involved with making a TC, i'd want to join. sounds fun. Good luck with the mission bits. and kibbles.

I'll be the bad guy! I'm pretty much the board's lunatic, procastinator, and utter idiot (though all that isn't true in real life except the procastinator part). I can help though I don't know anything about graphics (I'm learning when summer starts and I have more time and not as big a distraction as school). Sign me up.

Sorry Zapp, I already have a bad guy.

But can you please state your experience for me?


I'm half-way decent with missions, great at govts, dudes, flets, ships. I can do everything EXCEPT graphics (like I said, learning), sound, rleD, rle8, spin, and shan. Darn, I wanted to be the bad guy.........

EDIT: And I can write half-way decent, and I think I've improved from my last plug.

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