Vell-os string ship name

"Hey, Dart!"

I'm just curious if this can be done with a plug-in, or if it is built in.

Here you are, a flying bundle of energy (so to speak) and you no longer have a ship name, but a classification. Is it possible to get the other ships to call you by your character name instead?(when you are hailed)

If you go to a shipyard and "buy" a vell-os ship (for 0 credits), you are asked to name your new ship, just as if it were any other.

You might have to wait until you get the Arrow to do this, I'm not sure. I know it's a good way to change from say the Javelin to a Dart for a spefic mission.

Hail strings can make use of some special tags such as <PN> (Player Name) and <PSN> (Player Ship Name). While a desc resource can do a bit test to choose between two strings to display (eg. {b123 "<PN>" "<PSN>"} ) I doubt that this would work for a hail string.

Got'a love those spefic missions...

I think you would have to mess with just about every hail quote in the game. Or the ship class you get/have access to could be <pn>... maybe.