To all Graphics Developers...

...I need someone, mabey several people to do graphics for a plug-in. The projet will last over a year, and anyone who decides to join must be skilled and patient enought to tough through it, meet deadlines, and above all, stay in contact!!! If no one signs up, I'll go to the B5 modelers guild, but I don't want to do that.

I may not be good at doing graphics (mainly due to the reason i have no program to create them) bt I have a large amount of graphic files for ships weapons planets and outfits. Maybe we cold work something out


Ok, just asking like that will not get you many people. Answer these questions:

What is the plugin about?
Is is a TC (Total Conversion)
How much of it is done?
What will you do?
How many people are working on it now?
How many public plugins have you done?

Answer those and ill bet you will get more people considering helping you.

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Note : Yes this is from the 'open disucssion' topic , yet I feel I should post this here again.

You see people think that the only way they can make something other people would consider decent is to make a TC , or have fancy new graphics. No , all of these things should be added value and not become the center as indeed is the case with many commerical products.

We need to go back to the core of EV development and that is a compelling storyline and intresting use of basic features. We don't need new graphics all the time , or why on earth would we need all those advanced features like binary counters, while these are nice examples of how far you can push the engine they are rarely used in projects.

We need YOU(I'm talking to all developers or people who want to start) to come forward with that nice story you've had in your mind for so long. Write the story and then use the available tools make a decent plug , something that uses the features nova offers , but not something that uses all sorts of tricks or new graphics etc... .

People have forgotten that EV is a community game , and a community does not build upon fancy features , instead it builds upon stories , tales that people tell.

EVN was for me all about the story , it sucked me in , if EVN was a plug for EV/O without all the advanced features or great graphics it would have been just as good.

All we need is a little less ambition to create the next big thing and a little more creative idea's , so turn of your computer now , place yourself in a comfy chair and start writing your story.

Then try to make it in a plug-in to the best of your abilities , but if your plug-in has no new graphics or does not use binary counters , its alright , I'll play it , because you'll provide me with a tale , a story to read and something to play , not only to look at, something that keeps me playing , graphics are nice but the "wow" effect fades after a few hours. Instead a compelling story can keep your eyes glued to the screen till late at night.

Everyone needs to lower their bar a bit and look at what Nova is and always will be , its a game born of the community and that is where it belongs.

It does not belong next to all the fancy new 3D titles , no Nova has a special place on my bench.

If everyone were to lower their standards abit and don't expect Nova (and mainly Nova plugs) to be what it isn't , I'm sure we would see many more plugs and see things come to live again. Just like It was back in April 2002.

Also because there are many people with great idea's on their minds but if you place the bar too high they will never come forward and I consider that a loss.

Don't wait for anything to happen because it won't , just find something you wanted to do and do it.

And if you tried but the result isn't very good yet , that is fine , at least you had what it takes to come forward with your idea and do it.

EV development is not very hard , you just need to do it , and if you don't do it right the first time that's fine , because nobody does , just keep trying , ask for advice and your plugin will be what you wanted it to be.

Do or do not , there is no try.

I thank your for your attention.

All the best,


"Don't wait for your life to happen , find something you are happy with and do it"
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This topic appears to have been posted four years ago. I seriously doubt that this gentleman still requires any help.

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Funny, this comes up so often that you might as well leave it. The answer is the same today as it was then. (and yes, before you ask, I was around 'then', but I was called something else.)

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