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I am making a new plug, and while i don't exactly need any help, it would be appreciated if people could offer any suggestions for missions, ships, weapons etc.

The basic plot is; long ago there was one government that ran everything, but there was a war and now there are 4 governments. They all hate each other, making great battles. There will be campaigns for each government, and some of the systems change quite a few times.

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OK. Here goes

Mission sequence one.

Government names :

Imperial Alliance

Erosian Confler

Vernial Alliance

Confed Ba~~ards

Missions for Imps :

1.) standard recruitment

The usual thing, deliver cargo X to planet Y

2.) Ferry important docs,

Leads to missions carting spies about

Missions defending courier vessel carrying stolen plans

mission testing new fighter( Dont know how to change players ship though.)

Get military technology.

Raid other govs.

Destroy pirate fleet (discover alliance with other gov.)

Get new cruiser ( think confed weap setup ailen appearance)

Destroy enemy fleet & dominate planets.

Kill all enemys.

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If you want something totally awesome, question everything.

Almost every plugin I've seen continues on with the rather drivelly cargo missions (Exception: Angels of Vengeance for EV). What about getting rid of the standard ones and having a totally new set that fit your plugin. This, more than anything else, will set the scene and give players the feeling they are playing something new. It also means that they won't 'play it safe' by building up zillions of credits on cargo missions before tackling the proper missions -- they won't know what 'safe' is.

Question all the outfits and ships as well. A great plugin to look at is TOPS Mods (EV and EVO). Where is The Old Professor, anyway? TOPS mods alters a lot of outfits and ships. Without changing the graphics, it rewrites the text and the capabilities, and so, without a lot of rendering, you're playing a totally new game (easily the fastest way to get the new game feel).

Another thing to question is the 'we have to have pirates, renegades and aliens' cliche. We've all lived with this from the early days of EV. This may be cool if it really fits the story, but most great science-fiction doesn't feature pirates, and a lot of great SF doesn't feature alien races either.

If you're going to be rendering ships, go for a look that no-one has yet. Zarquon was working on some amazing renderings which looked like something out of Alien. I don't think he ever made them into a plug-in though.

It's also kind of cool to have a 'feel', and maybe some characters, running right the way through the text. Classic plugs like Clavius, Angels of Vengeance, Oreste and Eye of Orion do this. It makes for a much better playing experience.


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Actually, John, I already have government names, but thanx anyway. I may use the ones you posted. But what the hell is the Erosian Confler? It sounds good, but where did you pull that from?

Martin, I have my own cargo missions, although since i only have the original version of EV, i can only have 256 missions, and i'm going to have a bastard of a time fitting four campaigns, each with two possible directions, into that.

Three years and my pizza still isn't here.

Maybe I should call.

That's exactly what I'm trying to do for my plug. One of the many reasons why its slow going in the development. I want my missions to be different. There are missions that looks like "normal" ones you find on the mission computer but once accepting it you will find yoursled spirialing down a road you never intended to do so. I'm also thinking of ways to get the player emotionally involved in the game missions. I don't want the player to go hunt down an individual simply because the mission told him to do so. I want the player to hate that person and want to go after that individual with a vengence. I also want missions that test the conscience of the players. Like I'm supposed to do this but I really don't want to cause I believe it is wrong. Doing something like that will take some fancy long writing.

I'm also making ships that are unique. Ships from one government will have similer design characteristics as other ships from the same government. I have already finished 2 complex models of Capital ships from the Kentaran Regime. However, no textures have been put on yet. Kentaran Capital ships follow a similer trend: They are huge (Visually very intimidating), heavily armed and armored but with slightly lower shield technology than their Corenthian Republic rivals. Hopefully I can do this for all the governments with their unique designs.

Maridian, you can reuse the original EV cargo mission bits, which frees up some stuff.

As far as running out of missions/bits is concerned, Frozen Heart was enormous in mission terms and I never came close to running out of missions. I find EVO's ability to offer more simply embarassing.

One thing, though, many plugins use the bare minimum of mission stuff. EV allows you to have several panes of text on each mission. I found that you could keep things going quite nicely using one mission for the amount of adventure that would require three if you're less economical with the missions.

Pyromaniac: this sounds like an excellent plug-in. One of the great things about EV (which EVO never managed to capture) was the whole conscience thing, which really adds a whole new dimension to the game play.


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Well, I think that some planet has a moon called Eros, hence Erosian, but the confler part, I dont have a goddamn clue.

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Check out the Cowboy Bebop TC thread for EV Nova for some cool ideas. I'd love to get my hands on just some of the ideas there.


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Check out the Cowboy Bebop TC thread for EV Nova for some cool ideas. I'd love to get my hands on just some of the ideas there.

Please don't dig up old threads.


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