PlanetForge Source Code

Does anyone want the Pf 2.0 source code? I've patched it for OS/X compatibility, and if anyone cares to carry on the legacy I'd be happy to help them. Someday I plan to remake it as a cocoa app.

As you may know, PlanetForge is written in the METAL basic language, which is the only one i knew at the time I wrote 1.0.

Unfortunatly, I threw Pf's rudiments together in a day, and it shows - the source code is full of cryptic, incosistant varible names that are a testiment to the fact that knowing BASIC is a handicap to good programming style that takes weeks of C use to overcome. 🙂
Many of the code comments are meaningful only to me, or only to me a year ago.

That aside, there is also a half-implemented security system to allow propreitary graphics sets, and since that blew over I won't bother censoring it. Anyway, does anyone want this?

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Sure. I could work up a Windows version, but I don't know Mac programming (wish I did...) Email me at I know C/VB/Asm, so I should be able to decypher it 🙂


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