Burst Reloads

I haven't really the time to check this out, but is it possible to have a weapon with unlimited ammo (say a medium laser cannon) have a burst reload?

Then you could get the "laser weapon overheating" affect.

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I don't see why not.

Excerpts from the EVN 1.0.4 Resource Bible:

BurstCount     The number of shots this weapon can fire before having to endure
               a burst reload. Set to 0 or -1 if unused.
BurstReload    The reload time that is imposed when the weapon has fired >=
               BurstCount shots. Ignored if BurstCount is 0 or -1.

Flags3         0x0001  Weapon will only use ammo at the end of a burst cycle

It might behave unpredictably if that flag is set AND it has unlimited ammo, but I think it would work OK without that flag.


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