Texturing, photoshop and all...

Okay, the dillema here is that my models lately have been lacking something. The answer: Decent texturing. Yes it is hard with graphic converter and I'm trying to figure out some alternatives. One alternative I don't like is 500 bucks for photoshop (it beats me how everyone and their dog has a copy but me...)

So what I'm asking is for any directions on alternatives, or maybe if photoshop essentials is any good... something anyway, at least it's reasonable-ish for non proffessional users.

Still, any suggestions on cheaper options, or... i dunno, good things to do with graphic converter 🙂 heheh, unlikely.

Anything would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Fireworks is chaper than photoshop - some people say its easier to use, and perhaps even better - you could probably get it really cheap on an academic discount site:
(url="http://"http://www.academicsuperstore.com")www.academicsuperstore.com(/url) (url="http://"http://www.journeyed.com")www.journeyed.com(/url)

... those might help.

Try the hotpockets, they're breathtaking


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Colour it! is a cheap alternative. It comes free with most Mac computers (old ones anyway). IT is easier to use then Photoshop but doesn't have as many features. I used it for a long time until I discovered my dad had a copy of Photoshop LE.

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photoshop, as well as word and a lot of other programs have come free with my mac since..... forever.... the quadra 605 i have in my bedroom (which i love and has classic games liek prince of persia 1 & 2, flashback, pac in time, etc) has photoshop! (version 3.0 that is)

Anyway i do nearly all my textures with photos..... specially textures like tree trunks, leaves, roads n stuff


Originally posted by Curufinwe_Fëanor:

classic games liek prince of persia 1 & 2, flashback, pac in time, etc

Yes!!! Someone else who knows of those old games! Pac-In-Time rocked. It actually was a very minor spin off of its almost-identical origin, Fury of the Furries, which rocks just as much and has another world at the end. Flashback wasn't really a sequel, but just a follower, to Out Of This World...ever played that? Great games, back in the day.

Ahem. Back on-topic.

If you are a student, educational discounts are a very good thing. You can get some major reductions in price on expensive software (see other peoples' posts for links). If you're still pressed for money, gift-giving occasions like birthdays and (if you celebrate it) Christmas are good times to ask for such things if your parents are willing, and mentioning that it can be ordered with an educational discount helps.

Alternatives? I've heard good things about the Gimp, but I've never used it myself.

Using textures that are freely available on the net is good, too. I actually still do that quite a bit.


Interesting... thanks.

I actually have an old copy of fireworks. Might see what I can do with that.

Also, I managed to get some good results with a combination of appleworks 6 🙂 and graphic converter.

Thanks again.


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