I know this has definately been asked before, but im also farly certain the answer could very well be different. My question is this:
What is the best tutorial for starting EVN plugin-making from scratch (no prior experience)?
I have plenty of spare time, but can't really find how to begin.

  1. Get an idea.
  2. Find/make grahics.
  3. Get the EVN Bible(maybe this should be 2...).
  4. Play around till your idea works.
  5. Test & Release to public.

You should know that we answer people's questions and problems here, and many people have had years and years of experiance. I have been playing for...uh... since '97. Making plugs since '98 I think. There are better people around too.
Oh, and as a side note, I've only released one plug.

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Check out Bomb's guide. I think there's a link in my sig...

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First of all, I suck when it comes to making plugins.

But I got resedit and nova tools, as well as any other tool that looked good from the plugins page.

One thing that has helped is called Tutorials In S

It provides tuts for Spob, System, and Ships.

I don't do graphics because I don't have the money or the patience, but people will recomment Mechanisto or PovRay for the free programs. (I imagine if you ask nicely, someone will work with you to create the graphics.)

Simple changes like color, I use photoshop. But Gimp (read free ) will do just as well.

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