Can you get missle graphics as well as ship graphics
if you can where could i get them


There are a number of shipyards around. Some others may post some more, but here's a good site:


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Originally posted by Infinate:
**Can you get missle graphics as well as ship graphics
if you can where could i get them


I can, but I don't know about you.... Heh... Sorry. Couldn't resist that one. Anyway, it is possible to get missile graphics and ship graphics, but I don't really know what you mean? For what? EV? EVO? EVN? Do you want new ones or ones that are used in the game? Do you want them to look good? These are all questions that need to be addressed.

There are plenty of EV/EVO/EVN shipyards around (although I don't have any URLs on hand) that you can get new ship graphics. You can always copy graphics from existing plugs (although you should ask the original artist's permission first) if you want an "instant" fix.

The graphics for EV and EVO are very different from those used in EVN, and it's important to make the distinction. I can easily make graphics for EV and EVO that blend into the original universes pretty well. Many people can if they know what they're doing. EVN graphics are very different in terms of quality, as well as complexity. EVN has several different sprite layers for each ship, as well as new features like banking and animated graphics that require special considerations.

As for weapons graphics, those are tougher to come by, although easier to make, although for the starting graphics artist, the quality of the output is usually not at the level that is desired.

Please specify what you want a bit more.


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Sorry but don't worry about it now i've got what I wanted 🙂