bug-Novatools 1.0.0, wëap editor, AmmoType field

Short Version:
The Novatools wëap editor incorrectly changes the AmmoType entry when the wëap RID is above 255.

Long version:
1. Copy a wëap that requires/needs to have the AmmoType field point to itself.
A simple example is the Stellar Grenade RID 140.
2. Change the RID of the copy to something greater than 255, but less than or equal to 383
as that is the maximum number allowed. Let's use RID 301 as an example
3. Open the wëap in the wëap editor and change the AmmoType field to match the new RID of
the wëap. The AmmoType should now also be 301.
4. Close the wëap editor window, leaving the wëap Picker window open.
5. Re-open the RID# 301 wëap resource in the wëap editor again.
5. The AmmoType field has been changed from "301" to "173".

Magic you say? Nope, just a minor bug. Even though a maximum of 256 wëaps are permitted, when the first 128 are all used up the wëap editor incorrectly inserts the index # of the wëap instead of the RID. Go figure. By the way, if you never touch the AmmoType entry, neither does the wëap editor. Also the "Use Resource IDs" radio button at the bottom of the wëap editor screen is inoperatve, although the ResEdit "Novatools" MenuBar works in that respect.

The workaround for this AmmoType bug is to use the "Open Using Template" in the ResEdit "Resource" MenuBar to open your wëap resource if you need to diddle the AmmoType in any way. This drove me nuts for half a day until I figured out what was going on. I hope this post helps to keep someone else from spinning their gray-matter wheels.

All things considered, Ralph and Roger Sutherland (of Alluvial Damper fame) have done an excellent job of providing the right tools for the job. Kudos and thanks to the wOOtWare team.

"There are no bugs in my code, ... only undocumented features." - corollary #3

Ah, thanks for the info. I will have to check that out...

"The best revenge is a life well lived." -My father

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