b512 b515 b518 are used for what?

I've noticed that at or near the very start of the major strings that b511 is set. It appears be useful in testing if a major string has been started and I understand that and I like it.

But the way b512, b515 and b518 is used is confusing. There appears to be no sensible logic in the way they are set and they are definitely unreliable in informing as to which of the major strings has begun. For that we'd need to test the relevant NCB from a certain string's know range of bits. Eg. 50, 51, 52, etc for Fed, 275 etc for Polaris.

So, is there some role that b512, b515 and b518 (and throw in b510 for Fed from Rebel, and b517 for Auroran) that I have not yet picked up? Could someone enlighten me please. Thanks.

If no role then they could have been discarded and a much much simpler way of testing for specific strings could have been implemented. Then the problem of accepting Vell-os 1 then accepting Polaris 1 or Auroran 1 (mentioned elsewhere) then completing Vell-os 1 etc would not occur.

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I don't know what most of those bits are for (just 'cause I haven't looked into them), but I do know that b518 is basically 'Not Auroran'. It is set in the beginning of all major strings except the Auroran storyline.

What it is used for is to prevent the second Auroran mission from showing up if you refuse the first and then start another storyline. Personally, I think this is unnecessarily complicated. The same effect could have been produced with far less difficulty by simply using a seperate NCB for refusal of the first Auroran mission.

The others are probably similar concepts.

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Actually I was trying to write a plug which, without giving anything away, would cause new missions to intervene whenever the first mission of a major string (including Wild Geese, Bounty Hunter and multiple entry points) is accepted. The trouble is identifying exactly which string has been accepted. I didn't want to wait until the first mission had succeeded , when it is too late for my purposes. I'm making headway with the logic and the missions and descs are all set but oh how I wish the initial logic of the strings was clean.

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