Problem with Auxiliary Dudes in Mission (EVN)

Currenbtly, I am making my first serious (and to-be-relaesed) plguin for Nova; Nex ad Bureau, a plug in which you fly for the Rebel military (and blow stuff up! 🙂 ) While making it, I have seen a problem with EVN: the auxiliary ships. As any EV/O/N plugmaker knows, the AuxShip modifiers allow the maker to put a cetain dude in a mission when the "special ships" thing is already taken, allowing there to be a mutli-ship two-sided battle with one mission. With EVN, however, this seems to be a bit flawed. The first mission in Nex ad Bureau , a training mission, was amateur "target practice;" the player is to destroy a number of disabled Cargo Drones, with a small squad of fellow cadets, flying Rebel Vipers, flying with you, also trying to blow up the Cargo Drones. So, I create a "Cadet" government, create a dude with Rebel Vipers flying for the Cadet govt, and make that the AuxDude (or whatever) for the Target Practice mission. So I activate the mission and guess what? There are, as planned, the number of Cargo Drones to bdestroy, but instead of 3 Rebel Vipers in the Cadet govt, I get 3 Hyperoids! My persoanl feelings regarding the alien nonwithstanding, I want 3 Vipers there, not 3 aliens! Later, although I have only begun to make the plug, I decided what it would be like to "test" the final Rebel vs. Bureau battle. So I make a "Bureau Defense fleet dude (Fed miliotary ships under a "Bureau" govt), a Rebel assault fleet dude (high-end Rebel captial ships + Mod E Rebel Starbridge and hgihest-class Rebel Valkyrie) and decide to make a test mission, in which the Rebel and the Bureau fleet duke it out. Each side was 20 ships (Since the maximum is 64 I thought 20 on each would be good because it would be a big battle - larger than any in EV/O- but leave space for fighters); the Bureau fleet is the "Sepcial Ships" and the Rebel fleet is the "AxuShips." I test the mission and voila! 20 Bureau ships are there, clear as day and right on schedule. But guess what comes noex? 20 more ships, not Rebel ships trying to fight the Bureau, but ROUGHNECKS! Although General Smart would be pleased that the Federation's elite fighting force has joined sides with the Rebels, nonetheless I was expecting a lot of green Rebel ships to fly (and the Roughnecks don't shoots the Bureau :frown: ). I though it may have somthing to do with NovaTools, so I took it out of the ResEdit preferences folder, put the ResEdit EVN templates in my plug, and made a new test mission, this time with the Rebels as the special fleet and the Bureau as the Auxiliary fleet. The Rebel fleet was in orbit, however there jumped into the system not 20 Bureau ships but 20 trader ships. I have tried using both the ResEdit IDs and the Index IDs, both to no avail. Has anybody else experienced this? What about ATMOS? Is this fixable, and if so, how?

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This is an issue that has come up before. I don't quite recall the details, but a search will probably find them quick enough.

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Hopefully it will be fixed in 1.0.2

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