Feedback wanted on my plug idea.

Hi, I posted a while ago (I was going by the name "I'm Bored" then) about a plug in I was wanting to work on. I decided to post my basic storyline and ideas both for feedback and to see if anyone would be interested in helping (especially in the graphics department).

Tentatively I'm gonna call it EVN: Witness of Fate or EVN: Uprising not sure yet

Anyways, the basic story is the same as Plain Nova...the Aurorans have all the fighting between houses, there's some rebels, the Bureau controls the Federation, Vell-os are enslaved, Polaris seems perfect. However, the catalyst is a group of dissidents in Polaris society who feel that they should use their superior power to overtake their enemies. This has caused (duh...) a great deal of instability in Polaris civ. The Bureau has spies who are aware of this conflict, and awaits the oppurtunity to take advantage of it. The dissidents have begun to make contacts with the Auroran Tekel house, forming a temporary alliance in order to bolster their power. I think you can get the idea of where that's going.
In addition there's a group of Vell-os who escaped enslavement at the end of the Vell-os war who are hiding in Krypt space. They are biding their time until they can free their brethern.

I'm thinking the player can choose his/her faction at the outset...and be placed into that storyline automatically. Each government is gonna get a few new ships for regular play as well as a reward ship for completing their story.

In terms of action, the player won't be the principal figure of the story, but more of a normal Or'y'hara's here...


Sounds good. I thhink that there are going to be lots of plugs like this, or a little like this, so You had better make it good.
Apart from that, good luck, and make it good.

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Wait a second...

Sounds interesting. I would like a nice plug. Are you planning on introducing new ships?

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Anyways, yeah, I do plan on adding some ships and outfits but not a whole lot, just a couple for each gov....maybe a little more for the Vell-os since they're fairly limited now. Also there will be a reward ship that the player can get at the end of each story branch...(each story will probably take a couple of turns) to play with now that they've beaten the storyline.

Another possibility for the plug that I'd like some opinions on....given that the player is not a trader caught up in a series of events, but rather a pilot for a existing government, I'm thinking of getting rid of all those extra missions (such as the deliveries, passenger ferrying, etc...), but this would take out a large part of the nova I wanted to know everyone's reaction to this. I'm also considering taking out the whole trading thing (just cut the trade centers out of all spöbs), but not only is that alot of work, but again I can see that taking alot of Nova away....

So, give me lots of feedback on this idea, so I know whether or not to go ahead with it.

Also, I'd like some people to help me with mission ideas (no programming, just helping on what the missions might be), I've got alot of story ideas, but I'm having some trouble coming up with individual missions....I would post it here, but I feel like then I'd give the story away to everyone who would play the plug...and that's no fun...

I may be able to offer some ships, as I make them, you can pick and chosse

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Hey, that would be cool Jager...I downloaded Mechanisto and have been trying to make ships myself, but that's fairly tough...what I could really use is help with creating the graphics there and maybe some textures (I don't know how to make them or where to find them)...
But if you do have some, I wouldn't mind taking a look at what you've got and if there's stuff I can use, that would be good too. If you need e-mail is

Sounds suspicously like the polaran version of my plug-in, Invasion. But, on a lighter note, sounds good! 😉

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Sounds suspicously like the polaran version of my plug-in, Invasion. But, on a lighter note, sounds good!

Actually...I disagree, I read the description of Invasion, and I really don't think my plug sounds anything like that. My plug doesn't involve Pirates, Super Weapons, or Uniting the galaxy (far from it in fact). I don't know about gameplay-wise...since I haven't seen anything on that...but from what I've seen, the plugs are fairly different, so please don't imply that I'm copying your ideas.


It involves a faction of an existing organisation rising up and gaining power, which can only be defeated by the new force which you participate in. I'm not saying that you're copying anything, the "suspicously" was purely for humor. I do think the plugs sound similar, though. Great minds think alike. 😉

Formerely Mac Emu (no, I'm not just putting this so I can say I've been here longer than you, that's only part of it).
Headline news: The Yoda Story "Addicted to drugs, I was"
evn: Invasion coming soon. Search for topic EVN: Invasion Plug for more info

Sorry...the humor kinda flew past my head on that one...blame it on the lack of air conditioning and obscenely high temperatures at work today (ugh...).

Yeah, I guess I see some similarity. In some sense I think alot of plugs have similar plotlines...b/c there's only a few basic plots that are really that interesting. One thing to note in my plot is that I'm not introducing a defined "bad guy." Rather different viewpoints all trying to make their own way in a chaotic galaxy (and if that didn't sound campy, I don't know what does).

While I'm posting, anyone have opinions on my idea to remove the trading and non-government related missions from the game. I may still put in passenger and delivery missions, but they would be directly related to a specific government, and groups like sigma and unitedshipping would not have their own missions.


If you get rid of both, you'd better have people either start out with a chunk of money or be very well paid by your gov.
Also, if you get rid of minor storylines, you'd better make the major one's very long and interesting, otherwise it'll get boring quick. You can have lots of side missions where the major gov's work with smaller ones.
Finally, the minor threads are a important way to get to know to details of the galaxy and characters, so make sure to compensate for this. I'll be tricky to describe many aspects of your galaxy through just major threads.

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I wouldn't make the player able to choose their gov, I hate that, I don't know why, but I do.

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Yeah...I rethought it...and I'm thinking that I'll do trading type missions but they won't be the random "delivery to planet X" or "ferry passengers to planet X". Instead the missions will be more geared towards the war effort (such as deliver military equipment). I think that sounds a little better than just storyline missions. I think I'll try to include some mission with like Sigma or something...I already have ideas as to how those will fit in to the plug...yeah.

Anyone else have thoughts on my using the chär resource to get the player started in the storyline...I like it, but I can tweak my idea if no one will want the plug as a result.