Mission Dude ID assistance needed (experts please post)

I am having a (large and embarrassing) problem getting the correct ships to hyperspace in to the system during a mission. I, like many, am using Nova Tools with Res-Edit and entering the dude resource ID in the indicated space. Instead of nasty pirates, i get wussy shuttlecraft and sometimes disabled pirate vessles charge onto the scene and proceed to sit there and do nothing.

If you know what's wrong or would like to tell me that I am dumb, this is the spot.

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I got a similar bug once when I exceeded the maxium number of dudes. If your dude resource ID is 684 or greater, that is probably the problem.

Go through and double check all your resources, making sure that your mission's pointing to the right dude resource and that the dude resource is pointing to the right ships.

Make sure that the ships in your dude resource are "active" (they are allowed to appear in the universe). This is just a guess.

Make sure you haven't exceeded your ship limit (though this would be much harder to do in Nova than it was in EVO). I don't know the highest resource for this one off the top of my head.

I'll post again if I think of anything else.

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