Need help creating ship for plugin EVO

I need someone who can make a dark green staple with a red middle for my plugin. You will get 50% credit, but that is unfortunately all I have to offer, this isn't a big job, infact, the ship is quite small, it's puny infact... Anyways, I need this done, but I can't do it.

Also, If you know a good Graphic's editor for Mac I can use that also, thank you for your time...

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If you'd scroll down a bit, you will see a topic called Strata 3D. This is the modelling program I use, and you'll find two sites to dl it from, mine and Jager's. Play with that and see if you like it.
If not, try (url="http://"") or mechanisto (don't know the link). Just play around for a while, and you'll get a feel for it.

To make the sprites, use this tutorial. (url="http://"")http://homepage.mac....c/tutorial.html(/url)

Also, next time, please use the search function (yeah, I know everyone already knows this) and try something like 3D program. You might be surprised at what you can find. Good luck, and Welcome to the Boards!

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