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All who have ideas that may be beneficial for a plugin expansion, please post them at (url="http://"") We are looking unique and original ships weapons and missions. We are also looking fo plot ideas since are plugin take splace 50 years after your current pilot. You may be the son or daughter of that pilot. We want to expand the game in any way with a realistic plot still. If you decide to reply you have to sign up and please do, and if we use your ideas you will be in are plugin credits. Heres a written up storyboard we have but needs work, so please reply. Thank You.

With the escape of the Vell-os, the power of the federation quickly diminished.
The Vell-os went
back to their home world pleading with the other forces of the galaxy not to
wreak unneeded
damage to the core worlds owned by the federation, but it was futile, the rebels
with their new
bio ships from the polaris crushed the federation from the top whilst the
Aurorans with their
new fleets of thunderforges desecrated the lower worlds. 2 years after the
Vell-os escape Sol
fell to the hands of the Aurorans, many thought it uncanny how weak the
federation was without
the Vell-os but others were more suspicious. During that year the Vell-os whom
had resettled
their home world began to explore further west towards the edge of the galaxy
another race of people just like themselves, these people turned out to be the
descendants of
those who escaped the federation during the war, they had foreseen what the
federation would
do and escaped they prospered in these new lands and worked on their mental
powers, the
two Vell-os merged to form one race in the 3rd year of the Vell-os freedom.
These new Vell-os
taught their new friends how to work their mind better and how to spit it more
effectively, the
Vell-os talent ratings were changed and a t6 now became a t12 a t0 now became a
t6 and so
on. With the new peace in the universe the Polaris formed an alliance with the
wraiths and the
rebels, whom changed their name to the freedom council. The next year the
Vell-os joined the
alliance whilst the Aurorans stayed independent. After six years of political
pressure the
Aurorans were persuaded to join the Alliance and they offered Sol as the
alliance HQ instead
Kel’ar ly. 10 years after the Vell-os freedom there became complete peace in the
galaxy, all
independent planets had joined the alliance and everything and everyone was
For seven years their was peace in the galaxy until the Mu-Hari rebelled their
slavery and
demanded freedom. Their demand was not met, the Polaris refused to give the
Mu-Hari their
freedom. The decision made by the Polaris led to riots and strikes, all trade
routs were closed
down, no Sprites or Cambrians flew and the power and wealth of the Polaris
civilisation quickly
collapsed. With the lack of economy and trade, ships could not be repaired
properly, people
starved and many died. The Polaris appealed to the Alliance but were refused,
the Alliance
would have no part in slavery. After 6 years of the strike, the Polaris had but
no choice and gave
the Mu-Hari their freedom, very few continued in drudgery but the pay did rise
because of the lack of people willing to perform the duties. Most Mu-Hari became
traders and
the few who didn’t became scientists, very few chose the path of a warrior. With
the now
of traders the polaris economy was quickly brought back to power but with the
peace in the
galaxy they did not rebuild their ravens and other war ships they had lost
because of the lack of
trade in ship parts. In the 23 years of Vell-os freedom they became the most
powerful race in
the galaxy, their mental powers grew enormously and they discovered new and
deadly ways to
shift their minds. The freedom council studied the old federation databanks
carefully and
discover much knowledge and even found the plans on how to build hypergates,
they released
this knowledge to all who wanted it, every system that had enough credits wanted
a hypergate,
the new system consisted of 52 operational gates.
It was 39 years since Vell-os freedom and 37 since the collapse of the
federation. Fed ships
hadn’t been seen for years and it was though they were all destroyed but one day
exploration team to the north of rebel II caught sight of a Fed Anaconda and
followed it. After six
hyper jumps it stopped at a hidden pirate base in the middle of an asteroid
field. The
exploration team examined the surrounding systems and found an overwhelming
number of
heavily federation ships and various other pirate vessels. This Pirate army
equalled if not
topped the total Alliance fleet, which had grown weak with age. The head of the
team ordered his crew to head for Sol and when their he showed video footage of
experience to the Alliance council. The council organised its entire fleet for a
surprise attack on
the Pirates realising that if they could pull it off they would obliterate over
half of the Pirates with
minimal loss to their own. As the fleet jumped into the system they came to a
scene of horror, 4
alien ships the size of earths moon with hundreds of interceptors were
obliterating the Pirate
fleet, The Alliance army attacked realising that their only chance to defeat
these Behemoths
was if they fought with the pirates. After a gruelling battle the aliens were
destroyed but almost
all the pirates were killed and the Alliance fleet was decimated. After the
battle the Alliance took
no chance against this new enemy and mass produced ship of all sizes and set up
great flight
academies to train new crew for these ships. Four years after the battle with
the aliens, the
Pirates main computing unit was found and what information on these aliens they
had was
taken and examined by the alliance. Great emergency systems were set up and the
fleet could be anywhere in the galaxy within a week.
For five years their was no attack on Alliance space but on the sixth year there
was a battle
observed between another alien ship and a behemoth to the north west of polaris
space. All
ships in the area engaged the behemoth and all were lost. The behemoth
eventually retreated
after the arrival of the rest of the polaris army. The friendly alien was
escorted back to Kel’ar ly.
Communication was established with the friendly aliens quickly with one of their
computing devices used as a translator. These aliens identified themselves as
the Azuraks
and said they were glad to see that Kel’ar ly was being used. They claimed they
were the ones
who build it but had to evacuate when their home worlds were under attack by the
1341 years ago. The Azuraks have been at war for over a millennia and had learnt
much about
the “Kelnarlyos” which is what they dubbed the pilots of the behemoths, the name
sadistic ones in their language because they had seen them destroy many races in
that time
and they complimented the Alliance on how well it has held up against them.
The original Azuraks stayed for the rest of the year sharing their immense
knowledge and
skills. Their prized skills were medical technology and the speed and
manoeuvrability of their
ships. Their destroyers could fly as though they were a Polaris striker, even
with this
they were in awe of the Polaris Bio ships and suggested various ways to enhance
them and
they even gave technology on how to evolve their ships by placing them in the
environments. The Azuraks left back to their own galaxy then and took the plans
of the
hypergates with them
There were three more attacks on Alliance space all were stopped but with great
loss to the
Alliance fleets. The Aurorans protested the attempt to defend the entire galaxy
and when the
Alliance ignored their protests they left the alliance and shrank back to their
original borders
before the destruction of the federation and declared War on the Alliance.

You have just graduated from one of the most poor alliance flight schools and
have been given
your fathers lightning, which he flew in the great battle against the Kelnarlyos
before dying of a
heart attack at the age of 93. Do you sympathize with the Aurorans or do you
want to follow your
father and Fight for peace in the galaxy.
Possible extensions for this are
- using the Azurak medical skills, crippled and deformed Vell-os have their
minds taken out of
their body and placed in Bio Ships of the polaris, with the combined power of a
Vell-os mind
and a Bio ship, this is the perfect weapon for killing the Kelnarlyos.
- With some of the information they gathered from the Azuracks the alliance is
able to create a
beam weapon that can chew through shields of the Kelnarlyos but with range less
than a
thunderhead lance, with the powerful weapons of the Kelnarlyos it still takes 20
to 30 ships
with these weapons to get a shot in so they aren’t that unfair because they cost
heaps to
purchase the fighters with these weapons.
- You are able to join all the Flight academies, each of which gets you a
different thing for your
ship like extra manoeuvrability, some you need to do before you can start a
mission string

Mission threads
- Vell-os – you are tested for talent like your father and you are found out to
have enormous
talent and eventually turned into a mind ship.
- Polaris – You can eventually become a pilot of a mind ship because they need a
human to
perform certain tasks
- Aurorans – you fight against the Kelnarlyos whilst stealing technology from
the Alliance. Your
goal is to persuade the Alliance to fall back and strengthen smaller boarders
- Azuraks – you work in conjunction with the Alliance and the Azuraks to get
them to join the
alliance. You also help the Azuraks defend themselves from the Kelnarlyos.
- Wild Geese – You join the wild geese and help them prove themselves to the
Alliance so they
may join it by fighting the Kelnarlyos, the wild geese have their own variants
of all pirate ships
like the carrier and manticore.

"Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious."

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Thank you and please respond!

"Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious."

On the whole it sounds like a great plot for a plugin. However, there are a few little bits that stuck out at me as being illogical:

1. The Mu'Hari are not 'slaves'. They are socially conditioned to be helpful tothe other castes, but if at any point they ceased wanting to help, there would be nothing to make them.

2. WHY would the Aurorans declare war on the 'Freedom Council' after they seceded? I can understand them leaving if they disagreed with the defense policy, but there seems no logical reason why they would then choose to attack the Freedom Council.

Otherwise, you seem to have a lot of good ideas.

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Thank you mazca! We need people to weed out problems like these. The force and I, my crew will work on it and when we have an answere or some revisions will post them. I encourage all people possible to go to are site and post exciting ideas.
Thank you.


"Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious."

I thought that rebels wanted nothing but to just removed the Bureau from power and free the Federation from its grip, not kill the entire Federation to death.

Nosumus Fortiolis Quad Volimus

Great point! I'll fix that and post revisions soon. Meanwhile come visit our site at (url="http://"")
Thank you!


"Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious."

Personally, I think that you should continue on building the hatred toward the Kelnarlyos, and allowing the pilot to assist the Azuraks until the plot's bursting point and the very end -- upon which time you allow the Kelnarlyos to be destroyed, only to reveal through some obscure comment or hint that it was actually the Azuraks that were the 'sadistic ones,' and the aliens's roles actually reversed.. All was for naught, as they conquer entire races by allowing themselves to be trusted and getting governments to assist them, and continue to play everyone involved like cards, to reach their goals. And then end the storyline, with the player thinking, "Oh my God, WTF have I just done?!"

This would result in a truly suprising conclusion to the user's efforts, and also leave open an opportunity for a sequel addition to the universe, telling about the events following these happenings and the response of the Alliance and the other governments to having been humiliated and used. Decent suggestion or no? And I'm sorry that I didn't post this at the designated site -- I didn't want to have to register, as can be seen. -Victor

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