Pick-Up Dësc (EVO)

Will Override display pick-up mode dësc dialog box when you board a ship to retreive items from it? I was trying to make that happen but it's not working, either because Override doesn't support it or that I am doing something wrong. This applies when I set the special ship to either disable and board it, or board an already disabled ship.

Someone help me please.

Here's the scenario

I hail a ship that offers me a mission (in the can't refuse mode) both the offer and the briefing dësc dialog boxes work. Upon finding the disabled ship, I pick up the item, but the pick-up dësc dialog box doesn't appear, anyways, I take it to a destination where the drop-off dësc dialog box appear, after that, I return to base where the complete dësc dialog box works telling me I got payed for the job.

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I'm afraid the pickup text only works if you are picking up cargo from a planet - there is nothing you can do to make it appear on a ship.

Sorry. :frown:

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........... In Nova, you could have the mission auto-abort itself and auto-accept a second mission using the OnShipDone bit set field......... I think.

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Okay, sorry I didn't get to respond to your answers, but thanks anyways. Now another question regarding this topic. Dose it also work at the initial location? Meaning that lets say I get a mission offer dialog, then followed by a briefing dialog, and then finally, I get a pick up dialog. Now this is taken into consideration that the pick up cargo has already been set.

Anyways, the reason I"m asking is because I tried to do that but it doesnt seem to work for some reason, is it because its the same situation as I previous stated? Or again, did I screw up in something. Please let me know.

And finally, to clear up things for future reference, when is it the only time does the pick up dialog actually work? Assuming that the cargo pick up mode is on.

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I think that should work. I've used that all the time to create extra dialog boxes because I had too much text in a description.

I'd suggest just checking your mission to make sure something isn't entered in wrong.

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