Svenskar nĺnstans?

Hej jag jobbar pĺ en översättnig av EV till svenska och undrar om det finns nĺgra svenskar här ute som skulle villa testa, och kanske komma med synpunkter när den börjar närma sig färdigt stadium.


I'm sorry, this is a primarily English-speaking board. Perhaps someone will come along and translate...

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Well, he's from Sweden...

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Well, I know he said something about EV.

Kalos: IRC alter-ego.

He says that he's working on a plug that will translate Nova to Swedish, and he's asking if any Swedes would help him test it.

The answer to the question is, obviously, 42!

Sorry for that. Of course I should have translated it. But i cant see why anyone else than a swede wold be interested in my plug.


Swedish EVers I know of: Toffe (long since departed), Ankh Starrunner (not really active anymore either), Pontus (likewise). (Well, I'm pretty sure they're all swedish)

I will ask Ankh about your project next time I see him, if you wish.


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Thank you. I would need some help the new button graphics as well.


I know there are several Ambrosia members who are swedish - Desert-Rat and superqult spring to mind, although there are more.

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