mission bits???

Hi, I making a plug for evn but when I read the bible there's a part a don't quite get :
I understand how mission bits are used but I don't understand what the operators do? I it stated in the bible like this :

| Logical or operator
& Logical and operator
! Logical negation operator
( ) Parenthetical enclosure

Please help,

Thanks 🙂

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The logical OR operator means you give two options, and if either are set, than that mission is available, or whatnot. (example: this mission OR that one)

The logical AND operator means both must be set. (this mission AND that one)

The logical NEGATION operator means it must not be set. (this mission MUST NOT be set.)

Parenthetical enclosures give your more control. ( (first, this mission OR that mission) AND this mission) or ( (this mission AND that mission) but NOT this mission)

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those operators are used mostly in the test section. In the test section, you have to seperate your bits using those operators. In example:

  • | OR

  • & AND

  • ! NOT

the resource will be available if EITHER bit 1 OR bit 2 is set.
the resource will be available if BOTH bit 1 AND bit 2 are set.
!b1 | (b2&b3;)
the resource will be available if bit 1 IS NOT set, OR BOTH bit 1 AND bit 2 are set.

Nova reads the resources from left to right, in a logical order. Hope this helps a bit, and welcome to the boards!


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