Spin Resourse for ships

Can someone do 4 spin resourses for my ships. I would do it if i knew how. Reply to this if you can

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Are you writing this plug for EVN?

If so, you use shäns instead of spďns and make them the same resource ID as the shďp.

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Try reading the EV Bible for info on making spďns. They shouldn't cause a problem if you pay attention.

If this fails, try the search feature.

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Sence this topic is related. Does any one know of a app that spins it for you?



Not quite sure what you meant, but...

EnRLEDeRLE makes nova graphic resources from sprites

m2s, p2s, px2s make sprites from movies, pics, and sets of PICT files. If you're asking how to make the movies pics, or sets of files, I don't know.

All of the above are avaliable on the Nova downloads section.

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