EV Nova Plug-in Idea (Comments?)

I'm going to begin work on a EV Nova TC Plug-in soon and I have decided to post some of my ideas for comments and criticism.
Although, I have the skills to make the plug with wOOtware's software and write the plot and make planet landing pictures I am unable to make ship graphics well. I am looking for somebody who can now. If anybody is interested contact me at daimyo@appleisp.net.

In my upcoming plug there are three major governments the Malodine Empire, the Agari Empire, and the Federation. In this post I will describe some of my ideas about the Malodine.

The galaxy was for generations in a state of easy peace. A rogue group of Agari raided a Federation research station and stole several environmental weapons of mass destruction. They killed all the scientists aboard. The Federation proclaimed war. The Agari people sentenced the group responsible to eternal exile at the edge of the known galaxy. Instead of living the rest of their lives in seclusion several members of the group flew their ship into the atmosphere of the Malodine homeworld and triggered its self-destruct mechanism.
The only problem was that one of the EDDs (environmental destruction devices) was on board. The Malodine also declared war of the Agari Empire. For several years the Malodine and their Federation allies appeared to be winning, slowing taking control of over one-third of all Agari systems. But, in an incident during the forty day Battle of Minsk a Malodine luxury liner full of government dignitaries was destroyed by a Federation smart mine. The Malodine ended their treaty with the Federation and declared any Federation ships interfering during a Malodine engagement would be destroyed. Many such ships were destroyed. Over the next year the situation escalated to full out war. Now all three of the major powers in the galaxy were at war with each other.

Forty years have now passed, borders have settled and more defensive combat techniques been developed. But, the war is still raging.

(Note: that is NOT my introduction or anything like that)

Marlin-Class Ultralight Carrier

Crew: 16
Armament: 2 Light Fighters (various classes), Advanced Electronic Warfare Package, 1 Laser Turret, 1 Point Defense Turret
Power: Compressed Gas and Light Ion Engine Hybrid
Noted Ships in Service: M.E.S. Marlin (rev. A), M.E.S. Hydrosuperior (rev. AB), M.E.S. Flounder (rev. AB)
History and Description: The Marlin-Class is designed to operate deep in enemy territory as a surveillance ship. The prototype vessel (the M.E.S. Marlin) was briefly, and brilliantly, commanded by General Maskovia when he had just begun his career. Marlins are now quite a common sight in remote areas of Malodine space.
Revisions: A: Prototype AB: Improved engine and shield generators

Mako-Class Carrier

Crew: 6162 (Support for 7050)
Armament: 16 Point Defense Turrets, 2 Heavy Laser Turrets, 96 Light/Medium/Heavy Fighters, 8 Support Ships (4 Armed), Advanced Electronic Warfare Package
Power: 3 Heavy Ion Engines
Noted Ships in Service: M.E.S. Mako (rev. A)
History and Description: The Mako-Class is the only ship in the Malodine armada to utilize an open deck design. The Mako-Class never saw production due to its extreme size and equally large cost to build. The prototype, however, has had an extremely successful history. In only 12 years it has been credited with the destruction of nearly 40 Federation and Agari battlecruisers. This ship is currently commanded by the military genius General Maskovia.
Revisions: A: Prototype

Tombeway-Class Special Operations Ship

Crew: 26 (Support for 24 troops)
Armament: 2 Point Defense Turrets, 2 Laser Turrets, Advanced Electronic Warfare Package
Power: Modified Light Ion Engine
Noted Ships in Service: M.E.S. Tombeway (rev. A), M.E.S. Pike (rev. AB), M.E.S. Darwin (rev. H)
History and Description: The Tombeway-Class is held in awe by ground commanders. After several routine patrol missions the Malodine Navy began noticing that during the M.E.S. Tombeway's absence military shipyards deep in Federation space were being "mysteriously destroyed" and proceeded to put the Tombeway-Class was put into mass production.
Revisions: A: Prototype AB: Shields Increased H: 1 Point Defense Turret added (3 Total) and 2 DSR (Deep Space Radar) Missile Launchers added.

Trafalgar-Class Frigate

Crew: 71
Armament: 2 Point Defense Turrets, 3 Laser Turrets, 4 DSR (Deep Space Radar) Missile Launchers, 1 Smart Mine Launcher
Power: 2 Light Ion Engines
Noted Ships in Service: M.E.S. Trafalgar (rev. A), M.E.S.
History and Description: Despite being nearly 20 years old the Trafalgar-Class Frigate is perhaps the most versatile of all Malodine ships. Its 3 Laser Turrets allow it to be extremely deadly at close range, while DSR Launchers allow it to play a support role. The last minute addition of a Smart Mine Launcher to the Trafalgar-Class also allows it to perform a mine-laying role. Because of its versatility the Trafalgar-Class in unlikely to be replaced by a newer, more powerful ship for at least a decade.
Revisions: A: Prototype AB: Smart Mine Launcher stripped because of prohibitive cost 😄 Smart Mine Launcher stripped, 1 Laser Turret added (4 Total) and 1 Point Defense Turret Added (3 Total) M: 2 Smart Mine Launchers added (3 Total) H: Smart Mine Launcher stripped and 4 DSR Launchers added (8 Total) U: 2 DSR Launchers added and crew requirements reduced to 39 by extensive use of automation

Other ships I'm currently working on are the Blanche-Class Battlecruiser (Malodine), the Ranger-Class Corvette (Agari), the Spore-Class Carrier (Agari), and the Firefly-Class Light Fighter (Malodine). I am also working on designs for several generic warships for the Federation as well as an area type EMP missile for the Feds which will drop the shields of most non-Fed ships in the system.
Note: Although it does seem to be a trend most Malodine ships will not have Advanced Electronic Warfare Packages.


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Well, it looks like a good premise. Are these all Human empires? Do they have cultural differences? If so, do those differences make them different in the way they wage war or rule their systems? Are there factions inside or outside of those three governments trying to make peace between two or more of the empires? Are there factions outside of those three empires trying to forge peace between them, or add to the conflict, or anything else? What effect did the kamikaze strike against the Malodine homeworld have on the Malodine empire (besides inciting war)? Mmm, those are all my questions for now. 🙂

Looks like a good start, good luck with it! (I would offer to help, but alas, I have few graphics skills)


Thanks for your questions. I will answer a few now:

The Malodine, Agari, and Federation are all human empires. There is another major faction who is remaining neutral (The Sol League). The three major powers only control about half the galaxy (I know that wasn't a question). There are cultural differences between the three factions (I'm not going into detail about that now but the Malodine inhabit primarily oceanic worlds ). And yes the kamikazee attack did have a tremendous effect on the Malodine, it killed billions of their brightest most talented workers, scientists, soldiers, etc.