2 newish pilot related utilities

I've been sitting on two utilities I made for a few months and finally submitted them to the add-ons page.

The first is persMaker. This program reads information in a pilot file (or multiple pilot files) and automatically generates a plugin based to the pilot file characteristics it finds. It has it's limitations (mainly that it can't replicate the presence of any escorts), but it will generate novel govt resources and spobs if a pilot has dominated a planet. The idea came from the "Pers' of the weboard" plugins I'd see every so often

The second program is beta and will probably stay that way. It reads the original Escape velocity pilot files and creates an Override pilot file that has the same data. This will allow folks that enjoy the EVC universe to continue playing if they want to take advantage of the Override engine's features via a port (EVC). It doesn't transfer data dealing with active missions, however. It's kinda a situation of "day late, dollar short" in that I wish such a utility was around when Override first came out, but oh well. Plus Nova will make the utility unnecessary (unless a EVO-->EVN pilot file converter is put out).

Feedback welcome. seant@hellskitchen.org


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Those sound useful and interesting. Even when Nova comes out, a lot of us will still have a use for that pilot conversion utility. However, if some newbie with an inflated ego starts submitting their pilot-based plugins left and right, which is not impossible considering the characters of some new guys I have seen in my brief stay on these boards, everyone's gonna come after you. Other than that, good job! I am sure the programs will be appreciated.

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