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The Plugin Question thread was ended before I joined. If I may I would like to expand upon the questioning.

As a newby to PoG, how different is the storyline if played straight vs with the Trinity Plugin? Is it better to go through the game first without the plugin?

I'm sure there have been other posts, but when I searched for trinity related posts they were all from last year and referred to the release date.

Cheers, and thanks in advance.

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All Trinity does is give you a choice of classes and some cool items—it doesn't change the story in any way.

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Hi mrmendleson, welcome to the boards.

To expand on Cafalll's reply, while the storyline remains the same, the strategy for playing each of the three characters differs somewhat. The Swordsman, Conjurer, and Ranger all have different skills they can learn and different weapons at their disposal. Each one also has a new area exclusively for his class. These areas and special weapons do not occur in the standard version.

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Originally posted by Rubber Ducky:
To expand on Cafalll's reply... ~snip~

Mr. Mrmendleson,

To expand upon Rubber Ducky's expansion of Cafallllllll's reply, while it is true that Trinity adds nothing to the storyline and only adds classes, equipment, and class-specific areas, there is a larger reason to download and install Trinity.

This reason of course is plug-ins. I would wager that the majority of plug-ins that are being written will expand upon the Trinity classes, and if you do not have Trinity this will limit the plug-ins you will be able to utilize if you so choose.

The bottom line is, if you want to play the "regular" game of PoG, then just grab Trinity and choose the swordsman class. It is the same as the normal game of Trinity with 2 main exceptions: swordsman-related trinity additions(you will gain stats every 3 levels, new equipment, and the swordsman guild), and you will no longer be able to use ranged weapons like you could in the standard game of PoG.

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Thank you Cafalll, Rubber Ducky, and Stark Bledfast.

I hestitate because I made a fine bit of progress before getting the reg code. Your arguments are quite convincing though. Thanks again, and be well!


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