Who sent me the 'Sun' PICT?

Who sent me the PICT of the 'Sun'? I am wondering so I can put you in my Credits section of the ReadMe of my Plug-In.

I also have a request to whoever made the 'Sun' PICT.

I'm sorry that I forgot who it was, but I am very busy with my Plug-In.

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If you are refering to a star in a res-edit file entitled 'sounds' and containing six pict resources, and three sounds, and one of the picts is a star, like the one at the URL below,

I would be the person who sent it, Bryce Schroeder. If not, sorry to waste your time, which could better be spent testing PlanetForge 🙂

Nah, you already do that quite well. Thanks.

I'll just put a random number at 0008EC and see what happens.
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