[ANN] -- Ambrosia releases updates to Coldstone and Pillars of Garendall

Ambrosia Software, Inc. and Beenox have released an update to their epic role playing game Pillars of Garendall that brings both the Mac and Windows versions up to version 1.0.2. This new version contains a few bug fixes and enhancements, utilizing the latest Coldstone engine. The updates for Pillars of Garendall can be downloaded here:


Coldstone, the game authoring engine used to create Pillars of Garendall, was also updated, with the new 1.0.1 version bringing a number of additional capabilities and bug fixes to this power game-creation engine. The Coldstone update can be obtained here:


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So... what are the changes?



Originally posted by CharlesS:
So... what are the changes?

Mr. CharlesS,

The main changes to PoG 1.0.2 are to allow it to utilize the changes in the Coldstone Game Editor's 1.0.1 update. This allows plug-in developers to utilize the new addtions and bug fixes in CGE in their PoG plug-ins.

The only playability thing that I know of to note is that I believe the multi-processor bug should now be gone. I don't have a MP mac to test this with though, so if anyone is experiencing the MP problems, please let Beenox know, or post it here and we can notify them.

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