new CB project for EVN..."CB:C"

First of all, I've cut out the fat and gristle in the original CB, so it's moving along a little faster. Expect a new alpha version sometime soon. Oh, and CB is only going to be for EV, not released for EVO, just so people know.

And now, introducing Cold Blood: Convolution for EV Nova.

The skinny:

Since EVN can support much more involved interaction between the plot and the player, I'm going to take full advantage. " Convolution " takes place in the original CB universe, chronologically 100 or so years after the first CB. It will detail the crazy-as-heck war between the Republic of Archimedes ("RA" or "Republic") and the ever-vigilant Djemhed (also called, for some reason, the Arabian Conservation Corps, or ACC.)

Hint: In CB, the overwhelming GTC collapses. When the dust settles, what's left of it forms the Republic of Archimedes. You'll see when CB comes out...wink wink nudge nudge.

Total conversion again, yes, but a much smaller galaxy. MUCH smaller. New ships, new goods, new acronyms, etc. etc. Still a large scale plug , however, in the sense of both technology and storyline (gotta love what missions can do to you now, eh?).

No numbers yet. No graphics to show off. It's still in the conceptualization process, but I thought I'd put it out there.

In the meantime, it's back to work on CB for me.

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This sounds very similar to what I will be doing with Silent Night. Only I will probably go as far as not making any graphics at all (read sig.) I am glad that you are doing something with CB- it sounded very interesting.

Silent Night, a plug-in for Nova, will feature a small, unique galaxy. With only three races, I will be able to change the galaxy to my hearts desire. To help me finish it faster, I will not be slowed down by making ship graphic- I will use the ones from Nova.
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Originally posted by Onyx:
**Expect a new alpha version sometime soon.

Yeah! 🆒

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