Star Trek EVO

Does anyone have any information on a Star Trek Plug in for EVO?


(url="http://"")Star Trek Escape Velocity Override(/url)

David Arthur
(url="http://"")Talon Plugin for the original Escape Velocity(/url)

Where can you download it?

A Spisak

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Thanks for the info.
I can not wait to try it.

To answer the question about where you can download it.
click on the first link and at the bottom there is a cardassian galor class
ship, click on it to start the download.

Why is Star Wars so addictive?

Sorry to ask, I'm sure the author is bothered with this far too often, but why isn't it continued?

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After playing the plug for a bit. I have to say it was good.
Well it's only a beta and there are no missions.
But if the final release is going to be like the beta(except wit missions and bug fixes)
it should be great.

All new ships and tons of new systems. it's going to be a great plug.
Too bad it takes a lot of ram to play the game. (i had to allocate 40 megs.)

Why is Star Wars so addictive?