Well, I'm playing a new swordsman game on PoG 1.02 and I've noticed something. I seem to miss hitting my enemy a lot more than I remembered from 1.01. I miss like 3 out of 5 times (maybe I exaggerate, but still, it's pretty ridiculous). For example, I go to the swordsman guild and go into the arena. In 1.01, I would have taken 5 or 10 damage from the second challenge (a bunch of Goblins) but now, I take like twenty damage before killing them all! Is this a new change/"feature"? Or do I just not remember correctly? Or is it maybe to encourage us to use the shield?

Just wondering if anyone else had either noticed the same thing or knew a reason.


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PoG 1.0.2 is purely a maintenance update and is meant primarily to fix the dual-processor bug and improve stability under OS X. The data files have not been changed, and therefore neither has the character creation process.

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Just use your shield.. My tactic is to keep the shield ready (hold down "Z" all the time) and when there's a break in the attacks against you, press "X" while still defending.

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I have a bit of a different's a bit complex.
1. Hold Z
2. Pick an Enemy
3. Click on the enemie like mad