Magma and the Galixy class starship

the Galixy class Startreck space ship is very
respectable, at the price of 17m credits @ planita utopia. BUT,
it looks crappy when you have the magma graphics plug in.
I don't have a graphics creator, so I'm asking some one to make
a graphics plug 4 it that makes it look like magma ship graphics.
This would relly enhancethe coolness factor of it, for instance: w/o magma
the Voinian Drednaught looks like a 2D "V" shaped block... w/ magma the
Drednaught looks like a beastly huge 3D it should.

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Download STEV from the EV addon's page, hack out the Galaxy Class sprites and replace the Galaxy Class graphics in your plug with it. Just don't republish it without Metzen's permission - and the author of the galaxy class plugin. And I don't care how expensive it is, that plug-in is still a cheat. The ship's way too powerfull.


Originally posted by rift:
**"a friend with weed is a friend indeed"

no comment...

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