Worlds Away

A while ago I said I was gonna make an EVN plug-in called "Worlds Away."

Well, I changed my mind. EVN really doesn't look like it'll do the things that WA would need, and besides, I was having a hard time getting inspiration for ship designs. I think Galaxy's Edge burned me out.

Oh, well. Maybe I'll find some other medium to tell my story. Maybe not. We'll see.

Download Galaxy's Edge for EVO at (url="http://"")

hey i thought i'd reply just b/c no one is and that's sad. i know what u mean about making a plug in, i mean i was part of one for EVO then it took 2 years and then the other guy decided to wait for nova lol (url="http://"")

Sorry if it seem nasty, moving this thread. But it is decided that at the moment this board is for the discussion of the Nova scenario and engine and any editors for Nova. Plugins are more suited to the 'Developer's Corner' board.

It is a shame that you have terminated your project. Hopefully, we will see more of it in future. 🙂

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