Shaders and Ship detail

What's the best way to mput a large number of details insignias and the like onto a ship, using shaders? I've tried using photoshop (lucky me) to make pictures to wrap around, but it seldom comes out right... Anyone know the right, or at least a netter, way to make these sort of details, and put them on the ships?

Crimson Antarus,

Use texture maps...assuming you're using a 3d program...

It's different to setup for each program but It'll do what you're saying...


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Since you said "shaders," I'm guessing you're using Ray Dream. Here's how I did texture maps in MAGMA.

  1. Create a new shader. Make the color a Texture Map.
  2. Use the little disk icon to select the map you want.
  3. Select "Tile" and 1x1. (Unless it's a map for a large area, then repeat as needed.)
  4. If you want, use a greyscale (black and white) version of the map for highlight, shininess, bump, reflection, etc.
  5. If the map is not a square or circle, make sure that whatever you don't want to be seen is white and select "white is invisible."
  6. In the perspective window, get to the angle (camera position) you want to put the texture on from. (usually left, right, or top.)
  7. Find the tool that looks like a little square on a scroll. (Next to the arrow on a scroll.) This tool is a pop up menu, ignore the funky one and select either the square or circle, depending on the shape of your map.
  8. Drag over your model (keep in mind that the texture will be limited to one object) like you're selecting the area you want the map to be on. This can be tricky (escpecially on spheres) as it selects in 3D.
  9. Voila! You win. If you want to reposition or resize the map, use the little arrow on a scroll tool. You'll see the map when you reneder.

Hope that helps!

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im pretty sure 3DS Max uses the term shader too meowx... and Mechanisto? and he might just be using that as a general term. can never be too sure.

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Erf, was away for awhile.
Actually, i was talking about mechanisto 😛

Haven't been serious enough about playing with it to get anything better yet, tho i'll tinker with the stuff so far.

Crimson Antarus,

What you should do is first make a grid (and use it as your texture map) so you can see how the map is going to look on the object in question. If you number it or use different colored lines you can immediately see where each part of the map is going to end up; then you can go back to Photoshop and draw in your details where they belong. Good luck!

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