Looking For Unwanted Ship Sprites

First, my apologies for the cross-posting -- a version of the following was recently posted on the standard EV webboard.

Anyhow, I have been trying to contact the makers of an older EV plug called "Omega Faction 1.0", released back in 1996 by a team called Dark Horse Software, though it is now obvious that this team no longer exists.

I am therefore curious as to whether any developers out here have any spare ship sprites that they either no longer want or ended up not using in the final release of their plugs? The reasons I ask is that (1) my older Performa 580cd lacks the computing power to run any of the ship-making application programs and (2) "free ship" sites, which I therefore heavily depend on, are either shutting down or stagnant.

I am interested in acquiring three unwanted ships:

- drawn from the standard EV 'top down' perspective;
- ideally with a similar livery or colour scheme (they are for a particular faction);
- preferably medium to large size (ie, light cruiser to dreadnought)

If anyone can offer any assistance or contacts it would be very much appreciated and in that respect I thank the webboard membership in advance.

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There is a file called "Incomplete". It is an imcomplete Total Conversion Plug-in for EVO. The graphics are EV-Style, however, and VERY good. I strongly suggest you make the 4.3 MB download and rip the ships out.

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Originally posted by OctoberFost:
**There is a file called "Incomplete"...

That is remarkably generous of the author, UniversalWolf. Jeez...

I'd give him a karma point, if I knew how. 🙂

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Yes, Incomplete is a wonderful spare sprites file, it also has sounds, weapons graphics, planet sprites, missions, galaxy maps and such. I've even found a perfect looking ship for my potential upcoming plug. 😄 But does anyone know anyother way to extract the sound files besides using ResEdit?

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