modifying which escorts you can hire

here is something i can't find anywhere in the bible:

how do you set or change the escorts available for hire at a spob? is it based solely on tech level? does EVO ignore the special tech fields when determining which ships are available?

how does mirava know to give you c. fighters, earth to give you freighters, and freeport to give you kraits?

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I believe that whatever ships you can buy in the shipyard, you can hire. If there is no shipyard, it is what you would have been able to buy. The reason that different areas give you different stuff is because of special tech levels.

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Also, at least in EV (not sure about EVO, let alone 1.0.2) any ship with a mission bit requirement didn't show up in the escort-hire screen. That always seemed odd to me...I don't remember, was it a bug? Feature?