Bible-Bashers reqd.

So you think you know the three EV Bibles intimately? (Your lying - one hasn't been released to the public yet :p) How about helping me write a plug-in for my resource editor. I need advice on the best ways to implement the editors. Tell me your favourite bits from Schmelta-V, EV-Edit and such, and I will do my best to implement them. Product is not in alpha yet, but is open source. Download the latest code at the address below.

Nicholas Shanks
Author of HexEdit and ResKnife:
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The only editor I use is EVO Dev. Map, but even then I end up doing some of the planet/system stuff in ResEdit. So far, none of the Editors released to date offer the flexibility that RedEdit does.

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Y'know, I have to ask...where could one find Schmelta V? Thanks! (and good luck, Nick!)

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I think its on the EV addons utilities page.

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