Editing Splash Screen/Intro page

I was wondering, how do you edit the splash screen and the intro page? I can change the music, and the intro text but I have no clue how to change these. Any help would be appreciated, and consider checking out (url="http://"http://www.concentric.net/~burgisrk/evonevo")http://www.concentri...urgisrk/evonevo(/url)

"Well, we could grind
our enemies into powder, but gosh, we did that yesterday."

You edit them just like any other resource.

The picts you're looking for (along with their id #s) is in the EV/O Titles portion of the resources.

Just insert graphics of the same size in your plug with the proper id #s (810 and 8200 are the resources that you're refering to, I think) and you're good to go.

Jon Potter
Thank you for your cooperation. Good night.

Just a correction: PICT Resource 131 (not 810) in the titles file is the big splash screen you see when you open the game, and 8200 is the intro screen you see when you make a new pilot.

You also need to make clut resources for each picture (1000 for the splash screen, and 1001 for the intro screen). I don't really know how to manipulate clut resources myself, but I do know that you need them (and I'm inclined to think that you need to include something having to do with the greens used by the game in number 1000). (In EV Classic, #1000 is in the Escape Velocity App, but # 1001 is in EV TItles. In Override, both clut resources are in Override Titles.)

Hope this helps.

If I write a letter to be put in a time capsule to be opened when time travel is possible, and if in my letter I ask for some item to be sent back in time to the point I sealed my time capsule, wouldn't that item appear just as I seal the capsule? Just a thought...